Delta Logis 8

Professional laser display system with solid aluminum housing developed for outdoor laser advertising, high visibility signage, facade illumination, and architectural lighting. Specifically designed for use as a projection laser for outdoor applications with fixed mounting. It is equipped with a high-quality laser beam and a low-divergence RGB multicolor laser source with 8W output. High-end, precision scanner system EMS-8000 Digi. The built-in FB4 interface offers Ethernet (LAN) connectivity. It can be pre-programmed easily for standalone operation but real-time control is also possible. It is easy to add your own logos, texts, or graphics.

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Optical laser power  (mW) 8000
Wavelength (nm) 638 / 525 / 445
Laser source RGB power (mW) R:2000mW / G:3000mW / B:3000mW
Beam divergence  (mrad) 0.8 [full angle]
Technology Diode
Laser class IV
Control signal Ethernet, ArtNet, Autoplay, PC or Lighting Console
Integrated hardware Pangolin FB-4 SE
Scanning system EMS-8000, 45-60 Kpps @ 8°
Optical scanning angle 54° Max
Safety function Keylock, Remote control IN (on-request)
Modulation Analog (100Khz)
Protection class IP65
Accessories Power cable 15m, Ethernet cable 15m, Wall mount bracket
Operating temperature -20°C to  +40°C
Power connectors Stainless steel glands
Consumption 350W/220AC
Power supply 100 ~ 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Weight 23.5 kg



    Our company is based in Bulgaria, Europe.
    Delta Lasers Technology Ltd
    VAT No:BG204487017

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