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Our company is famous for the quality of its laser products and services.
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Delta Lasers Technology Ltd.

Sees itself as a strong R&D-focused business. Our company presents itself as a very experienced and innovative organization, both due to customer-specific developments and its own product lines.
Our product portfolio is mainly located in the area of laser entertainment, multimedia and laser visualization. The main activity of our company is focused on the production of a laser projector for a laser show and other products such as Positioning Lasers, Laser Modules for Industrial and Laboratory Applications.

The company was established in early 2011. At the end of 2013, we started the production of an RGB laser projector with optical power up to 3 watts with our own optical system. Beginning with one person, the company has already been created by a team of young but already experienced engineers who share their passion for optics, mechanics, electronics and new technologies.

Over the past 2 years, we have been developing fast and cooperating with many companies in the multimedia business. We have developed our laser projectors with optical power up to 30W RGB and Single lasers that are performed to perfection with a high-quality beam.

Our company offers fast service and maintenance as well as warranty for all products.


Custom Development

• Design of laser systems and laser housing.
• Development of laser modules with our own electronics.
• Laser engineering solutions and support.

Maintenance Services

• Repair and modification of laser projector systems.
• Integration of new laser sources, scanners, optics and electronics.

Laser Show Production

• Laser shows and special effects
• Laser installation
• Laser projector rental equipment




Looking for a First-Class Laser Partner and Manufacturer?

We are looking for distributors!

If you are interested in selling new laser products for multimedia laser shows and industrial use, our company gives you high quality and competitive prices.

Our product line includes:

  • Laser projector systems
  • Laser projector for advertising
  • Positioning laser systems
  • Alignment lasers
  • Laser optical components
  • Laser module sources
  • Laser electronics

Impress your audience

Laser systems have very high brightness and contrast. They are ideal for creating astonishing effects that your visitors and clients will remember long after the show. Laser beams are much more accurate than conventional lighting, making them ideal for displaying graphics and texts, as well as for creating 3D light patterns.


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