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The new Delta Field Las is easy to install with a low input voltage of 12 – 24V DC and constant operation time. The industrial virtual laser line is an excellent alternative to all lines that are traditionally created with traditional methods such as tapes or paint. This is a great choice for all places where due to heavy traffic, floor damage, or other restrictions, the classic solutions are ineffective and quickly disappear. Delta Field Las Series is a laser projector for line projection with multifunctional industrial applications. It is easy to install and adjust, with the capability to adjust the length of the projection line and adjust the line thickness in advance. The Delta Field Las Series is classified as a 3R laser class. It is ideal for industrial applications that require a sufficiently powerful laser to project bright lines over long distances. The Delta Field Las is perfectly suited for marking any floor surface indoors and outdoors, it is safe enough so special safety goggles are not needed.

  • The new latest laser technology with the most bright and solid lines
  • Over 20,000 hours lifetime, continuous operation
  • 1-year warranty, OEM spare parts, changing the laser source
  • Protection rating IP67, heating and temperature control, input voltage 12-24VDC, industrial M12 power connector
  • Replacement of traditional zones or painted paths
  • Creation of lines in applications where tape or paint does not work (dusty, cold, dirty work areas)
  • Definition of pedestrian and forklift areas
  • Integration for machinery safety solutions

Product Description

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Technical specifications:

Wavelength  (nm) 530, 638
Laser power  (mW) ≤1000, ≤1200, ≤1400
Laser class 3R
Technology Diode
Operating temperature -40°C ~ +40°C
Storage temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Expected lifetime (MTTF) >20,000 hour

Electrical specifications:

Input voltage 12 – 24V DC
Input current 2000mA
Input signal laser on/off 5V DC ~ 24V DC / 4-pin M12 industrial connector
Pin 2 opto-isolated laser on/off +
Pin 4 opto-isolated laser on/off –
Temperature protection Yes
Electrical protection Protection from polarity reversal, Overvoltage protection
Connection M12 4-pin industrial connector
Power cable length 5m/10m/15m/20m
Power supply unit A: Plug and play Adapter 24V/36W, SKU: GST-36E24-P1J
B: Switching Power Supply, SKU: LPV-35-24

Optical specifications:

Projection lens Angle 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 °, 110 °, 120 ° (on request)
Focus manual (on request)
Line thickness 10 ~ 100mm
DOE projection Circle, Cross, Grating, Square (on request)

Mechanical specifications:

Dimensions (mm) Ø80 x 175±5
Weight 1,8 kg
Protection rating IP67

Line Length:
Depending on the particular use case, modules with different beam angles can be selected, which generates the length of the laser line. The larger the beam angle, the longer the line will be.

Angle: Distance Line length approx.
45° 5m 4.25m
60° 5m 5.80m
90° 5m 10m
110° 5m 15m

*For order and full specifications please check the document Delta Field-Las_laser_datasheet_en.pdf

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