Custom Engineering

We bring your vision and ideas to reality using our extensive experience.

Are you looking for an individual laser solution? You have come to the right place!

Together with you, we will develop an individual solution for you. It is specifically defined for your needs and is therefore unique – bringing profit for your business. We do not just want to sale, but to produce value for our customers. We like to get to know our customer’s specific needs and let your wishes guide us.

Our company provides modern development, prototyping and serial manufacturing of laser projector systems and laser modules with professional metal-working machines such as CNC centers and CNC lathes. For more than 10 years, Delta Lasers Technology has worked with satisfied customers all over the world.

We help our customers to build their own laser systems and save time and costs. We guide, you choose:

  • customized laser housing cases with your own choice of paint, size and specific materials;
  • laser scanner sets;
  • dichro mounts and dichroic mirrors reflecting red and blue colors;
  • laser drivers;
  • ILDA laser boards and laser-safety components.

To solve your assignment successfully, we need a detailed requirements profile. If you have your own design, we accept drawings of your laser projects in the usual CAD formats. If you do not have a drawing file, our team can make 2D and 3D drawings for you according to your pre-set requirements.

You are welcome to send us your questions, laser drawings and orders. We will reply as soon as possible with a price offer, a 3D design of your project and delivery time.

Please, feel free to contact us!



Our company is based in Bulgaria, Europe.
Delta Lasers Technology Ltd
VAT No:BG204487017

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