Delta ClubStar 8-FB4

The new Delta ClubStar 8-FB4
RGB Laser Projector System

Compact design and solid housing
Guarantee output laser power 7500mW
Integrated FB-4 Hardware

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Industrial Laser Projector

Virtual Laser Line is suitable for multifunctional applications

  • Replacement of traditional zones or painted paths
  • Creation of lines in applications where tape or paint do not work (dusty, cold, dirty work areas)
  • Definition of pedestrian and forklift areas
  • Definition of areas for semi-trailer docks

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Positioning Lasers

We have positioning lasers for every industry application.

  • Woodworking Industry
  • Stone Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Cutting Saw Machine
  • Marking of Zones and Place
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Automotive industry

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ClubStar Series

Professional Laser Projector
Compact Design, Easy for Installation
Laser Power 3W – 4W

RGB Laser Source
Bright Color

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Product Line

Laser Show Projectors

Laser products for the entertainment industry,

Industrial Laser Projectors

Laser projectors for industrial applications.

Laser Modules

Laboratory lasers and components

Positioning Lasers

Lasers for industrial applications

Laser Components

Electronics, Optics, Mechanical Parts, Laser Diodes


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Positioning and Alignment Lasers

Industrial Solutions

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Customized Laser Solutions

• Design of laser systems and laser enclosure
• Development of laser modules
• Laser engineering solutions and support

Maintenance Services

• Repair and modification of laser projector systems
• Integration of new laser sources, scanners, optics and electronics

Laser Show Production

• Laser shows and special effects
• Laser installation
• Laser projector rental equipment

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Laser Projector Systems

Our company has over 8 years of experience. Our own development includes systems with small beam divergence, high-quality drivers and waterproof enclosures with IP65 rating.

Indoor & Outdoor shows

Laser projector systems for laser shows of any size. Power range up to 30W, RGB and single color.

Club Lasers

We have a special design for club lasers, suitable for establishments with 500 to 3000 people.

Advertising & Mapping

Laser projection of logos & advertisements, laser billboarding, mapping of buildings. We have special laser products for this application.

Customized projectors

We design & develop custom projectors according to your requirements. Tells us your needs – we deliver the laser projector.



Our company is based in Bulgaria, Europe.
Delta Lasers Technology Ltd

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