• White Edition Laser Show
  • White Edition Laser Show

  • Delta 3 Laser Projector

    IP65 Waterproof Laser Projector

    Guarantee 3W RGB Full Color

    40K Scan Speed

    Very Small and Compact 

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Positioning Laser System

Welcome to

Delta Lasers Technology Ltd.

Sees itself as a strong R&D-focused business. Our company presents itself as a very experienced and innovative organization, both due to customer-specific developments and its own product lines.

Our product portfolio is mainly located in the area of laser entertainment, multimedia and laser visualization. The main activity of our company is focused on the production of a laser projector for a laser show and other products such as Positioning Lasers, Laser Modules for Industrial and Laboratory Applications.

We have developed our laser projectors with optical power up to 24W RGB and Single lasers that are performed to perfection with a high-quality beam.

Our company offers fast service and maintenance as well as warranty all products.

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