Professional Consulting

We advise you on the best possible application of laser systems and decide together.

If you need help with your next project that includes laser systems, we are the professionals that can guide you in the choice of the right laser system, its installation and use. We are acquainted with the requirements for successful application of laser systems in various fields:

  • Laser show entertainment: open-air events, club parties, rentals;
  • Advertising and billboarding;
  • Industrial applications: industrial machinery and CAD projections;
  • Laboratory equipment: fiber lasers and IR laser modules;
  • Laser engraving: laser heads and optics;
  • Laser electronics: hardware and software for laser diode drivers, ILDA boards, etc.

Let us know your application needs and profit from our expertise and our qualified team. The result will give you and your customers an edge over the competition.

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Our company is based in Bulgaria, Europe.
Delta Lasers Technology Ltd
VAT No:BG204487017

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