Delta Spectrum LAB

Delta Spectrum Lab Lasers offer excellent beam quality and output powers from 50mW to 3000mW. Each laser features manually adjustable output power, TEC cooling and digital or analog input modulation. Multiple color and wavelength options are available. Delta Spectrum Lasers are ideal for research, flow cytometry, microscope illumination and industrial alignment applications.

The laser control box integrates a powerful power supply unit and our own laser control board containing a fast analog laser driver and digital TEC control. The control box supervises the laser operation and responds to user input from the control panel. In emergency conditions, e.g. overheating, it cuts the power to the laser module preventing possible damage. The display on the control panel shows some important parameters such as the working temperatures, the modulation mode and the intensity of the laser beam. As an option, USB connectivity to a computer, a tablet or a smartphone is offered.

  • Multiple Colors and Wavelengths
  • Beam Profiles: Dot, DOE, Line, Circle
  • Microscopy Applications
  • Industry Applications
  • Including LAB Power Supply
  • TEC Cooled
  • MCU
  • Display

Product Description

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Output Power (mW): 50, 80, 100, 120, 200, 500 ~ 3000mW
Wavelenght (nm): 405nm, 445nm, 462nm, 505nm, 515nm, 520nm, 530nm, 637nm, 638nm, 808nm, 940nm, 1064nm
Wavelenght Tolerance (nm): ±5
Beam Divergence (mRad): 0,5 ~ 1 (full angle)
Optical Specifications: Collimating Lens
Projection Profile (Can be equipped): Dot, Circle (60°), DOE element, Powell Lens (30°-60°-90°-customized)
Beam Height from Base Plate (mm): 30
Beam Diameter (mm): 2.8
Laser Class: IIIR, IIIB, IV
Housing Material: Aluminum
Color Violet, Red, Green, Blue, IR
Laser Type: Semiconducor Diode
Laser Cooling: TEC
Protection: Overheat Protection
Saftey Function: Key Lock
Indicator: Laser Emission and Power Indicator
Modulation Frequency (kHz): 0 – 100 – 200 – 500
Operation Mode: CW / ANALOG / PWM
Operation Current: User POT-Adjustable
(is indicated in %)
Operation temperature: 10 – 45 °C
Mean Time to Failure MTTF (hours): 10,000
Protection Rating: IP54
Input Power: 110 ~ 240 VAC 50hz 16A
Laser Head Dimensions (mm): 71 X 124 X 41
Power Supply Dimensions(mm): 226 X 252 X 105
Weight (kg) 4.5

Datasheet: Soon


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