Delta Max 24

The powerful Delta Max 24 is suitable for indoor and outdoor laser show applications at concerts, festivals, and other huge events with easy operation due to the built-in hardware FB-4 Max and DMX control. Demanding graphics projections or projections over long distances are no problem for this impressive unit due to the extremely good divergence. The precision optical system delivers a high-quality laser beam of low divergence, which guarantees bright colors and perfect white balance, all wavelengths matched in divergence and beam size. The optical components are fully isolated from dust. The housing and the internal design are robust, making an ideal laser system for permanent installations, touring, or hire. The Delta Max is made in Bulgaria and is a compact show laser system that is ideally suited for top professional laser show applications of any kind. Delta Max laser module It is built with high-quality semiconductor lasers FAC diode-based full-color laser display system that provides its user with powerful output, unified beams, crisp colors, and advanced control features and connections.

  • Guarantee laser power 24W
  • Low divergence: 1mrad
  • All Wavelengths matched in all axis
  • Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX512, ILDA, PC
  • An integrated network switch for linking the control signal
  • Great scanning performance suitable for projections as well as for beams
  • Scanner Upgrade to EMS-9000 Digi
  • Compact size

Product Description

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Optical laser power  (W) 24
Wavelength (nm) 638 / 530 / 445
Laser source RGB power (mW) R:8000mW / G:8000mW / B:8000mW
Beam divergence  (mrad) 1
Control signal Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA, PC, Lighting Console or Autoplay
Integrated hardware FB-4 MAX
Scanning system DT-50-BB / 42-45 kpps@8° ILDA
EMS-9000 DIGI (on-request)
Optical scanning angle 85° Max
Laser cooling TEC, Silent Fans
Safety function Remote control IN/OUT (on-request)
KeyLock (on-request)
Aperture mask plates
Technology Diode
Laser class IV
Modulation Analog (80Khz)
Protection class IP54
Accessories 2.5M power lead
Stainless steel mount
Flight case
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Power supply 85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
Max power consumption 500W/220AC
Size W:400 x D: 436 x H: 203 mm
Weight 25,5 kg



    Our company is based in Bulgaria, Europe.
    Delta Lasers Technology Ltd
    VAT No:BG204487017

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