Delta F Series Ø25 IP67

The lasers of the Delta F series are intended for the meticulous positioning in applications for part processing. This laser series is equipped with green, red and IR laser diodes. The laser head size is Ø25mm. The Delta F Series offers optical power in the range: 1mW ~ 200mW with a fixed focus. The power supply voltage of the laser is from 9V DC to 24V DC.

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Output Laser Power 5mW, 10mW, 20mW, 35mW, 50mW, 80mW, 90mW, 100mW, 120mW, 170mW,200
Wavelength 445nm, 450nm, 505nm, 515nm, 520nm,635nm, 637nm, 638nm, 640nm
Laser Class Class IIIR
Color Red Green Blue
Technology Diode
Operating temperature -10° ~ +60°
Storage temperature -40° ~ +85°
Input Voltage 9V – 24V DC
Electrical protection Protection from polarity reversal
Projection profiles *(B1) Point, *(B2) Line, *(B3) Cross
Line Fan Angle *(CL) 90° – 110° (gaussian linear profile),
Focus Fixed Focus
Digital modulation (PWM) 0V – 3.3V/5V/Vin, 5kHz (upon request)
Laser Housing Aluminum
Dimensions Ø 25 x 109mm
Weight 105g
Protection rating IP67
Impact Protection Rating IK10
Laser Mounting We offer standard mounting solutions
Customized mounting solution

*For order and full specifications please check the document datasheet file

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