Maintenance & Repair

We maintain your laser projector systems, industrial lasers and provide the necessary support.

Despite having bought a new laser system from a reputable manufacturer, it always comes a time when this laser system has to be maintained and repaired. Our company helps you to keep your laser systems well-functioning and up-to-date with the latest hardware and software in the field. Our services include:

  • Integration of new laser modules and optical parts;
  • Integration of FB-4 hardware;
  • Integration of new scanner sets (e.g. DT-scanners, Eye-Magic scanners, ScannerMAX, CT-scanners, etc.);
  • Replacement of laser diodes and laser drivers;
  • Power supply upgrades (e.g. with Meanwell single or dual power supplies);
  • Warranty and responsive support.

Should you need help in maintaining your laser system in full working order, you are welcome to contact us. We will provide a suitable solution tailored to your needs.

Please, feel free to contact us!



Our company is based in Bulgaria, Europe.
Delta Lasers Technology Ltd

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