Delta 3FB4 IP65

Specially designed for use as a projection laser for open-air events. It is equipped with an RGB multicolor laser source with 3W output. Fast scanning system for clear projection. Applications: laser show, advertising, architectural projections, mapping, logos, lettering. Delta 3 IP65 is specially made with solid housing with a high protection rate. Integrated powerful FB-4 hardware, control easy by ethernet or dmx.

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Optical laser power  (mW) 3000
Wavelength (nm) 638 / 530 / 445
Laser source RGB power (mW) R:600mW / G:900mW / B:1600mW
Beam divergence  (mrad) 1
Control signal Enthernet, DMX512 (XLR 5-pins)
Integrated hardware Pangolin FB-4
Scanning system DT-40 / 42 kpps@8° ILDA
Optical scanning angle 60° Max
Laser cooling Temperature controlled Silent Fans
Interlock Remote IN (for emergency stop), Aperture mask
Technology Diode
Laser class IV
Modulation Analog (100Khz)
Protection class IP65
Accessories Stainless steel mount
Operating temperature 10°C to  +40°C
Power connectors powerCON TRUE1 TOP
Consumption 300W/220AC
Power supply 110 ~ 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Weight 10 kg
Flight case On-request


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