Delta 8

Delta 8 Laser Projector System

Professional laser system with 7`500 mW guaranteed output laser power after the scanner system.
Full-color laser projector with very well-focused beams with special optical corrections for small divergence angle, which allows mixing in a larger scale spectrum. Integrated X and Y inversion, Key Lock, Remote Control emergency stop, Aperture masking plate, Aperture AR with anti-dust filter.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor laser shows. The laser system has an air filtering system from the left and right sides. The filter itself can be changed easily. The housing of the laser projector is very well designed, with good and effective TEC cooling method. The optical plate is isolated from dust (scanner mirrors and all-optical components). The housing of the laser system is entirely aluminum with a special powder paint resistant to high-level scratching. Easy to mount to a farm or a stand, the handle is adjustable at 330 degrees.

Product Description

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Optical Output Laser Power: 7500mW
Control signal: ILDA IN/OUT
Scanning system: DT-50/42kpps @ 8°
Safety Function: Remote Control IN/OUT,
Interlock: Key Lock
R / G / B [mW] 1800 | 1700 | 4000
Wavelenght: R-638nm,G-530nm,B-445nm
Beam divergence: <1 mrad [full angle]
Modulation: Analog, 50kHz
Power requirements: 100-230V/50Hz
Consumption: 800W
Operation temperature: 10-40 °C
Protection rating: IP54 , Insulation of all optical components,

Air Filtering

System features: Invert, X and Y, Powercon In
Laser safety features: Key Lock Stopping All function,
Remote Control Emergency Stop,Laser Aperture Masking,LED Emission Indicator,
Emission Time Delay 60 sec.
Weight: 10kg
Dimensions:                         410 X 300 X 200mm
Handle: With 330 degree rotation


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