Positioning Industrial Lasers 

Delta F -Series is professional industrial lasers are easy to install and setup, they are an optical and precise tool that will save you a lot of time.Positioning lasers are generally used for the meticulous positioning and alignment of workpieces.We offering different wavelenghts and laser output power , for full detail and pricelist please contact us.We guarantee you very high quality laser source and optical system to give the perfect and precis laser profile.

Industrial Positioning lasers are widely used in various industrial sectors:

  • Woodworking industry (for band saws, multi-blade saws, shredders, etc.)
  • Metalworking industry (for drilling machines, machine welding, etc.)
  • Stone industry (for cutting machines of stone, granite, etc.)
  • Textile industry (for cutting machines, shoes, clothing, leather processing, etc.)
  • Tire manufacturing (marking)
  • To safeguard specified areas (to secure a movable crane, to secure dangerous passage areas, etc.)

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Our company developing and produce custom OEM-Lasers for your industry according to your requirements.

Warranty 12 months
Delta Lasers Technology Ltd. offers an extension of the warranty up to 24 months.


Pictures of a machine for cutting stone: