1.     Specifications


  •    Compliant with the ILDA ISP99 standard specification.

  •    4 color channels with analog modulation support: Intensity, Red, Green and Blue.

  •    X and Y scanner control with connectors for X- and Y- inversion.

  •    ESD protection on all ILDA inputs processed by the board.

  •    Opto-isolated Interlock and Shutter support.

  •    Three connectors for opto-isolated laser activation protection, e.g. for key lock, emergency stop button, etc.

  •    Isolated interlock and activation protection output for daisy-chaining of multiple lasers.

  •    Laser start delay, settable from 0 to 60 sec.

  •    Optional laser manual reset connector (protection against accidental laser activation in case of a power outage).

  •    Two sets of connectors for each color channel and each scanner dimension.

  •    Input and output ILDA connectors (respectively male and female DB25).

  •    Connector for optional MCU control.


  •    Power supply: dual power supply with -15V DC, GND and +15V DC connections.

  •    Fuses (1.5A-2A), reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection.

2.            Terminal Connectors

3.         DATASHEET