Our company has professional metalworking machines such as CNC milling and CNC lathe and we can produce for our client's customized laser housing cases according to your requirements. You can choose the paint, the size, and the material and if you have your own design, our engineering team is ready to help you to succeed with your laser projector project.

We accept drawings of your laser projects in the usual AutoCAD formats. If you do not have a drawing file, our team can make 2D and 3D laser drawings for you according to your pre-set requirements.

We can also help you to complete your laser projector with other components such as laser scanner sets, dichro mounts, dichroic glasses reflecting red and blue, laser drivers, ilda laser boards, laser safety components, etc.

We want to help our customers to build their own laser projectors and save costs. You can trust our work and our dedicated team.
Our email is sys@deltalasers.com  you can send your questions, laser drawings, and orders.
We will reply as soon as possible with a price offer, delivery time and 3D design of your project.

  • 3D Models


  • How to order

If you are ready with your plan to build your own laser projector, you can place your order with us. You can look at our sample 3D drawing and give us information in 3 important steps.

1. The first step is to give to us the inside housing size L>W> H (in mm) , you can look at the 3D drawing.

2. The second step is to specify the laser optical plate (for your laser module) and scanning system. We can do threads on the optical plate compatible with your laser module source (if you do not have a laser source we can offer our laser module sources).

You can look at our sample drawing of a laser optical plate and scanner mount pad.

3.  The third step is to specificity back panel holes (ILDA OUT/IN , DMX OUT/IN , REMOTE OUT/IN ,  POWER SWITCH , KEY SWITCH , LED INDICATOR , FUSE , POWER IN,OUT / POWERCON).

You can look at the sample drawing of back panel holes.

For the back panel we can also offer you the necessary components  (Buttons , Ilda Board , Key switch , Remote Buttons , Fuse , LCD Display , LED Indicator Lamp , Power Switch). You can order а ready-made laser back panel.

Send your query on email - sys@deltalasers.com  Skype: deltalasers 

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