Delta Lasers Technology Ltd started its activity in 2011 in city Plovdiv , Bulgaria . At the end of 2014 our company started with production of laser projector systems with power up to 3 watts. Over the past 2 years, we have been developing fast and cooperating with many foreign companies in the multimedia business. By that time, we have pretty much developed rgb laser projectors for multimedia performances with optical power up to 30 watts.

Tested, tested and proven lasers used everywhere from small clubs to huge shows for leading companies and artists. Beginning with one person, the company has already been created by a team of young but already experienced engineers who share their passion for optics, mechanics, electronics and new technologies. After years of experience in the field of laser technology and optoelectronics, our products are of outstanding quality .

The main activity of our company is focused on the production of laser lighting systems designed for laser projection and multimedia performances and other products such as industrial lasers, laser modules and laser laboratory electronics.

One of the leading products developed by our company Delta Lasers Technology LTD are industrial lasers that can be used in any modern industrial lasers. Industrial Lasers find great application in the processing of metals, wood, textiles, tire manufacturing and other industries.

We produce a wide range of electronics related to laser technology, ranging from miniature drivers for small laser diodes to compact drivers with TEC cooling and microcontroller control.

"Delta Lasers Technology 2019"